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Excel FAQs


Can I use MS Works spreadsheet or other spreadsheet programs with BRC Addins?

For tools that are Excel addins, MS Excel is required.

MS Works is not Excel and does not support add-ins. Excel can be purchased for about $90 at software stores or online.

What version of Excel do I need?

Most of our tools are Excel Add-ins. The tools are supported under various versions of Excel, from Excel 97- 2010 for Windows.  Several are also supported with Excel 2004 and 2011 on the Mac.

Not all addins will work when using all of these Excel versions. Some require features only available in newer Excel versions. Each addins’ home page indicates the supported versions of Excel.

Excel 2008 for Mac is not supported as Microsoft removed support for add-ins (and other important features) from Office 2008 on the Mac.  They reintegrated support for addins in Excel 2011.

After I load the Add-in, no menu appears

Some relatively unusual settings can impact loading add-ins, as they disable the ability to run them:

Excel 2003: Choose Tools | Macro | Security | Trusted Publishers and then make sure the two available check-boxes are checked.

Excel 2007: To see this setting, go to Excel Options from the Office button in the upper-left corner of Excel, then Trust Center, Trust Center Settings, Add-ins, then make sure all three of the options there are unchecked.

Excel 2010:  Use steps similar to Excel 2007  to find the  Trust Center Settings.

Excel 2011 Mac: Use steps similar to Excel 2003.

I get a message saying the addin is file losing it’s VB Project when I open Excel or load an Addin.

The message reads, “This workbook has lost its VBA project, ActiveX controls and any other programmability-related features.“

This happens when VBA for applications is not installed with Office. It is installed by default in most cases.  To resolve the situation, reinstall Office or Excel and install the Visual Basic for Application components.

Excel 2011 on the Mac is known to not install VBA by default.

Why do I get a prompt for a “BRConsulting” password when closing Excel or taking some other action in Excel?

This is an Excel bug that happens to some Excel uses at different points.  It is no longer very common and is generally caused by virus checker’s that try to decompile the addin.  This triggers Excel to put up a password prompt.  The fix is to teach your virus checker to stop checking Excel addins for viruses in this way or to get a different virus checker that behaves properly as it interacts with Excel.

Excel 2013 Addins Tab does not appear after install

Once you’ve installed it then it should appear on the Addins tab in Excel. 

If it doesn’t appear when you start Excel, but the addin appears to be loaded in the addins list, then you may be seeing a known Excel 2013 issue.  This issues is caused when addins Excel ships with block displaying the Addins tab, if they are loaded. 

You can work around this by unloading the other addins and then restarting Excel.  To work with addins using Excel 2013, start in Excel and select File, then Options from Excel’s menu.  In the Options dialog, select Add-ins.