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How To Move To A New Computer

Follow these steps

On your old computer

1. Update to the latest build

This step ensures that all of your settings will be transferred to the new computer and that the following steps will work as described.

Download and install the latest free product build (see link to the right).

2. Export your settings & Preferences to a  *.DAT file

Create a file containing your settings:

a) For Excel-based applications:

Use the Export Settings button on the application’s custom Ribbon tab or the custom menu (older Excel versions) to create your settings *.dat  file:

b) For most non-Excel applications, use the “Backup” menu:

On your new computer

3. Install

Download and install the latest free product build (same as step 1).

4. Import your settings

Transfer the *.dat file created in step two from your old computer to your new computer.

Import it using the Import Settings button on the Ribbon or menu.