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How to enter your product keys

Entering Product Keys


  • Be sure to enter your entire key, which starts with a name and is followed by a dash and then a 10 digit number. E.G. “Jane Smith-0123456789”
  • There are two types of keys: Primary and Annual. Primary keys are issued when you first purchase a product license. Annual keys are issued subsequently.  The product name ends with “Annual” for your annual keys.
  • If you have both Primary and Annual keys to enter, be sure to enter your initial Primary key first.
  • If you select and copy your key from your receipt you can paste it in the Add Key dialog window. If there is no Paste button, use the key combination Ctrl-V to paste.

Follow these steps to enter your key or keys after your initial purchase or the purchase of annual extensions.

1. Open the About & Purchase dialog Window

a. For Excel-based applications:

Use the About & Purchase button on the application’s custom Ribbon tab or the custom menu (older Excel versions) :

Look for the Key icon:

b. For most non-Excel applications:

Use the About & Purchase menu option:

2. For each key, Click the Add Key button, then Type or paste your key and click Save


After entering your keys

Once entered, the key table will show all your keys and calculated Good Through dates: