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Determine the Admin user

How to determine the admin user

To figure out he Admin user, follow these guidelines:

  • If you don’t log into QB when you open your file, and the file just opens,  then you are actually logging in as the default user, “Admin”, and there is no password set up for that user.
    • In this case indicate you use “Admin” but there is no password.
  • If you do log into QB with a user name and password, then you may or may not be using the special Admin type user.
    • Especially if your user name is not “Admin”
  • If you’re not sure who the admin is, go to Company | Users and pick View users.  The admin user name will be listed with “(Admin)” after the name.  Usually this will look like “Admin (Admin)”.


How to determine if the admin user has a password

  • Log into your QuickBooks Company and use the Admin name, located using the instructions above. Try it without a password.  If that doesn’t work then there is a password.

How to determine the admin user password

If you don’t know the password, then to determine it:

  • If possible, ask the prior administrator, or the client, or other employees that should know it.