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What can’t be imported into QuickBooks?

QuickBooks does have some limits in the import area.  This is a partial list of limitations:

– QuickBooks will import most transaction types, but not all.  Paychecks & Sales Orders are two transaction types that can’t be imported.

– For those using Advanced Inventory, QuickBooks does not support Advanced Inventory fields for import, but also requires them to be filled out on transactions.  To import you need to first turn off Advanced Inventory, then import, then turn it back on.

– QuickBooks won’t import custom fields on transactions.

– QuickBooks will import transactions using only your home currency.

– Links between transactions, such as invoices and payments, are not imported.

– For Employee records, only basic information such as Name and Address and a few other fields common to other types of names can be imported.

– For Lists, such as Items, Customer,  & Vendors, some lesser used and newer fields are not supported.  These fields include credit card fields for names and units of measure, the MPN, and location information for items.