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What types of data can be imported into QuickBooks?

QuickBooks can import most data using IIF files.  Different types of IIF files can be created using our tools.

QuickBooks will import most types of financial transactions, time records, most types of list records, and budgets using IIF files.

We offer tools that can help you import import transactions (e.g. the IIF Transaction Creator, Transaction Copier, and QIF to IIF Converter), time records (using the Excel Timesheet Link), and may types of lists (using the QB List Importer.)  We don’t offer any tools that work with budgets.

QuickBooks will also import *.QBO files (a type of *.OFX file) for use in the bank feeds feature.  Use our QIF to OFX Converter, OFX Cleaner, or the Excel to OFX Converter to create QBO files.