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How to Repair QuickBooks

How to Repair QuickBooks

Instructions are for Windows 10 & 11

Steps to Repair

  1. In the search box near next to the Start menu icon, type Control Panel.
  2. Run the Control Panel – it will appear on the Start Menu under the Best Match title.
  3. At the top of the Control Panel window, type change in the search box.
  4. Under the Program & Features section title, select Change or remove a program.
  5. Locate the QuickBooks installation you want to repair, and then double click it to launch the installer.
  6. When the QuickBooks Installer / Maintenance Wizard launches, click Next to see the options Repair and Remove. Select Repair and then click next complete the process.
  7. When complete, restart your computer even if not prompted to do so by Windows.


Windows 10 & 11 make launching the repair process somewhat difficult to find. By default, Windows likes to run the Apps & features applet – which is a pretty and dumbed-down version of the control panel with an over-simplified interface. This is to try to make it easier to use (I suppose) but in the process they’ve made some features harder to find, and hidden others, including the Repair capabilities included with QuickBooks installers. So, be sure to follow the instructions above to launch the real Control Panel.