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Excel Template Workbooks

Excel Templates

These templates are available free of charge. Each template can be used alone or with the IIF Transaction Creator/Pro to import the results into QuickBooks desktop.

These templates are offered in addition to the standard transaction examples built into the IIF Transaction Creator/Pro.

To see the standard transaction examples, fuse the IIF Transaction Creator’s “Examples” ribbon button in Excel

Employee Expense Report

Use this template to import employee expense reports into QuickBooks with just a few clicks. The template accommodates employee paid expenses and mileage and also employer paid expenses.

The template can be setup for individual employees to use stand alone – and it also works with the IIF Creator to import expense reports in detail. When imported into QuickBooks, a check is created for the employee-paid expenses, complete with account & description details from the expense report template. If company expenses are included, charged to a credit card, then they are exported to the designated credit card account.


Depreciation Calculator

Use this template to calculate asset depreciation. You can specify the depreciation type (straight line, sum of digits, or double-declining balance), the length of the depreciation schedule, and other options.  The worksheet will then calculate the depreciation and create a ready-to-import series of monthly depreciation transactions.


Invoice Template

Use this template as a fill-in Excel invoice. Once you’ve added your data, you can create an IIF file and import it into QuickBooks. This simple template can be customized and formatted with printing options not available in QuickBooks, such as a total Quantity & line numbers.


Estimate and Purchase Order Templates

These templates are similar to the Invoice template above, but for Estimates and Purchase Orders.

download Estimate   download PO

Journal Template

Use this template to enter multiple journal transactions in Excel. You can set them up with custom formulas for future time saving.


Loan Payment Calculator

Use this template to set up payments for a loan with principal and interest calculated for you. Match your bank’s calculation or use this template to calculate payments on a non-bank loan. Payments are ready for export to QuickBooks using the IIF Transaction Creator/Pro.