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Illinois State SUI Fix

Illinois State SUI

For some unfathomable reason Intuit removed the Illinois State option from the QuickBooks Payroll State SUI workbook template, build 1.23. They have offered no explanation for this move.

We researched this on the Illinois website, which shows no changes to the file format, and also contacted Illinois Department of Employment Security via telephone and spoke to a representative.

They indicated that:

1) Their file format for monthly wage reporting has not changed.

2) They have no plans to change it.

3) They know of no issues with QuickBooks-generated reporting files.


We located Build 1.22 of the QuickBooks Payroll State SUI workbook template  Рwhich supports Illinois. Click this link to download it: State SUI workbook template build 1.22

To use it, download this ZIP file, which includes the SUI template workbook, a readme.txt file describing how save it locally, and the Illinois documentation – which they referred us to, and which describes the SUI reporting file that the template has always created and will continue to correctly create for you.