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Install on a new computer

Installing your products on a new Computer

This FAQ covers what you need to know to move to  a new computer.

What do I need?

To install your product(s) on a new computer, you’ll need to download the product again and unlock it with the product key you received when you purchased.  With some products, you may also export and then import your settings on the new computer.

Where can I download?

You can download your app(s) again from our site at any time.  When you do you’ll get the latest version of the app (no charge) and you’ll be able to install it. Use the Get Latest Updates  page or any other link you see for your products.

How to I get my product key?

Use the product key we emailed with your receipt when you purchased on your new computer.

– If you don’t have your key,  you can request your purchase history be emailed to you at the email you originally used when you purchased.

– If you don’t have access to that email address or don’t know what it was, you can send a support request and we will look for your order based on the information you provide.

How do I copy my settings?

Many of our Excel-based add-ins include an option to export/backup and import/restore your settings.  This includes the IIF Creator, Transaction Copier, QIF to IIF Converter, and several others.

– To backup your settings, use the app’s ribbon or menu in Excel and look for the option to Export/Import Settings, at or near the end of the menu.

– This will create a .dat file.  Transfer that file to the new computer and then use the Import/Restore settings menu to import the settings file on the new computer.