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Important Licensing Model Information

Licensing Model

You may download and try any product and it will automatically run in trial mode until it is unlocked when you purchase a license and enter the key we’ll email to you. In trial mode products are nearly fully functional except they are somehow restricted, such as by the amount of data that can be exported or by a trial period.

We offer single-user licenses – for one user per license. We don’t offer multi-user licenses, but we do offer discounts when purchasing multiple licenses at the same time. See Coupons.

If a single user has more than one computer, such as a desktop and a laptop computer – and they will be the only user of a product – then it is OK to install a product on those computers and use the same product key(s).

However, if there will be multiple users, please purchase a primary license for each user, and later also annual license extensions for each user.

Primary licenses and Annual extensions

While older product builds – before July 2018 – did not require annual extensions, current product builds require the purchase of annual license extensions. The initial purchase is for the first year of use. After the first year, the purchase of an annual extension adds another year.

Your primary and annual license keys together provide for continued use for a single user, the latest product release upgrades which include new & refined features, and product support.

When you first purchase a license, you’ll receive a Primary product key to unlock the product to the full registered version. After a year, the product will prompt you to purchase an Annual extension. Then after purchase, you’ll receive a receipt containing an Annual key. Note that we don’t capture or keep your credit card data and we won’t auto-bill you.


Before July 2018, annual extensions were not required. Customers who continue to use older product builds from the time of their initial purchase are not prompted to purchase annual extensions. However, upgrading after July 2018 to a newer buildĀ  will transition customers to the current model. We provided a grace period of two to three years from July 2018 for legacy customers (depending on the date of the upgrade), which has now expired. After upgrading to a current build, you’ll be prompted to purchase an annual extension to continue use.

Product Keys

With each purchase, you’ll be issued a product key, which is used to unlock and register the product. Customers are responsible for retaining their product keys. You will need your keys to re-register your product(s) in some cases – such as when you start using a different computer. We offer free product key replacement for a period of fifteen years from your purchase date(s), after which keys are not available to be automatically replaced. If you have purchased a current Annual key but your original Primary key is more than fifteen years oldĀ  or you used an email you no longer have, please contact support for a solution.