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Enterprise to Pro – Pre Conversion Help


Using the conversion service is simple and requires just a few steps on your part. These steps are to purchase, complete a conversion request, and send your file for conversion.

We suggest reviewing the Is Pro/Premier right for me? page and being careful to send the correct file. We will convert whatever company file you send.

We don’t have a way to tell if the file you send is the file you intended to send, so be sure to send the right file. See below for tips to find and send the right company file.

Purchase Tips

When purchasing, you me elect standard or rush service. The turnaround time for standard service is by the end of our next business day. When using the rush service option, we’ll get your file back to you same-day with some timing limitations as noted on the Conversion Service’s page.

If you have multiple files to convert, and if you purchase the conversions together, automatic discounts will be applied. See the discount section on the Conversion Service’s main page for details.

Conversion Request Tips

The conversion request form provides us with important details needed to convert your company file, including the source QuickBooks Enterprise version, the destination Pro/Premier version, and your file’s Admin user name and password.

The correct Admin password is key. Without it we cannot access your data for conversion. Most customers have no issue with this, but some are not sure what the password is or are receiving it from another person. If you are not sure of the Admin password, please ensure it is correct by trying it with your file. Note that you can do this even if you don’t have Enterprise, but do have Premier or Pro. This is because QuickBooks first requests your password before checking to see if the file is an Enterprise file. When attempting to open an Enterprise file in Pro/Premier, QB will complain that the password is wrong before it complains that the file is an Enterprise file. In this way you can verify your password even if you don’t have Enterprise.

Find & Send your QuickBooks company file

You can send your file in one of three file formats: A standard *.QBW Company file, a *.QBB Backup file, or a *.QBM Portable file. No matter the file type you send, the conversion results will be the same.

Many customers are aware of their company file’s name and location, but some are not, making sending the right file difficult.

For this and other reasons, the preferred file format is a backup file. To create a fresh backup, open your company in QuickBooks Enterprise, the pick Back Up Company form the File menu. As you do this, pay special attention to the file location and name, so you will be sure to send the correct and most recent file.

Finding the right file

By default your computer may have the option to hide “known file extensions” in Windows Explorer enabled.  In this case, you won’t see registered file extensions for many of the file types QB uses to track different things (only your *.QBW file actually contains your accounting data.)  However, the file Type will always be available to help.

In order to be sure to pick the right file, we recommend viewing the files with the Details option selected. Pick Details after opening the drop list in the upper right corner of Windows Explorer, highlighted in yellow below:

When sending a *.QBW company, look for the “QuickBooks Company File” file Type. It will usually be the biggest file as seed above (in rare cases your tlgFile may be bigger.)

When sending a *.QBB backup file (recommended), look for the file type “QuickBooks Company Backup File”.

What to expect

After you complete the conversion request form, you’ll be taken to an upload page where you will select your file to upload it. Once the file is uploaded we will start your conversion process.

When the conversion is completed, we will send you two email: One email with a link to your file, and the other including a short report confirming the conversion results and with instructions to use the converted file.