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Product Purchase – Next Steps

Thanks for your purchase!

What Happens Next

We’ve just emailed your receipt.  It includes your product key(s) and instructions.

Add your Key(s)

  • If this is your initial purchase, add your new Primary key to unlock the trial.
  • If you purchased an Annual extension, add your new key(s) to extend your Good Through date.

Use the Product Download page to:

  • Download and install the latest release of the products(s) you’ve purchased.
  • See the instructions on the download page to check to see if you have the latest release.


  • Trial and registered products are actually the same: The trial is unlocked to the full version when you enter your Primary product key.
  • Your receipt has been sent. If you don’t see it shortly, it may have been sent to your spam folder or it may have been blocked. If it was blocked, send a support request letting us know what happened. We will re-send your receipt, even to a different email address on request.