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Product Purchase – Next Steps

Thanks for your purchase!

What Happens Next

We’ve just sent your receipt.  It contains your product key(s) and instructions for use to unlock the products you’ve purchased.

Use the Product Download page to:

  • Download and install the latest release of the products(s) you’ve purchased.
  • If you’re already using a trial, use the instructions there to check to see if you have the latest product release.


Important Tips:

  • Trial and registered products are actually the same: The trial is unlocked to the full version when you enter your product key.
  • Upgrading a product to the latest release will never harm your existing settings or data created when using the trial or a prior version of the product.
  • We do not ship software.  All products are downloaded from our site.  The downloads are quite small and are quick even with a slow internet connection.
  • If you do not receive your receipt via email, you can request your keys from the Support menu.