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IIF Transaction Creator – Australia


Use this version of IIF Transaction Creator to import transactions from Excel into Reckon Accounts. Import most transaction types including cheques, deposits, bills, invoices, journal entries, credit card charges, and most others.

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IIF Transaction Creator

This IIF Transaction Creator for use with Reckon Accounts.

Import transactions from Excel into Reckon Accounts

The IIF Transaction Creator helps you import most transaction types from your Excel worksheets into Reckon Accounts.

The IIF Creator converts worksheet data into IIF files for import into Reckon Accounts.  As an Excel add-in it integrates with Excel and is available directly from the menus in Excel.

To use the IIF Transaction Creator, arrange your data in simple row/column layouts on a spreadsheet. Several layout options are supported including a simple single-row layout and a more complex multi-row layout that resembles a Reckon Accounts Journal report.  Examples are available from the IIF Creator’s menu and can be used as templates.

Supported Transactions

Most transaction types are supported for import. You can convert these transaction types from your Excel worksheet to an IIF file for import:

 Sales & Customers  Purchases & Vendors  Banking & Credit Cards  Other
Adjustment Note
Sales Receipt
Payment Received
Statement Charge
Bill Credit
Bill Payment Cheque
Item Receipt
Purchase Order
Credit Card Charge
Credit Card Credit
 General Journal
Inventory Adjustment


Feature Summary

  • Integrate with your company’s lists for a smooth and reliable import.
  • Automatically handle new list records such as new names, account, and items.
  • Options for different transaction layouts including single row, multi-row, and variants of these.
  • Create just one or thousands of transactions in your IIF files at a time.
  • Automatic name and account conflict resolution for easy import into Reckon Accounts.
  • Support for CSV, TXT, and other text files, once opened in Excel.

Free Trial

Download the IIF Transaction Creator for a free trial before you purchase. You can use the fully-working trial to export up to 100 financial transactions to IIF files for import into Reckon Accounts (e.g. 100 cheques or 100 invoices, or a mix of transactions.) This is the only trial limitation. Later when you purchase use your product key to unlock the trial.