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Import your PayPal account activity into QuickBooks. Includes support for purchases and sales. Sales can be imported as invoices, sales receipts, or payments. Includes support for shopping cart details, and you can import your PayPal data without any additional data entry.

Purchase License

Import PayPal & eBay transaction history into QuickBooks without data entry!

Use the PayPal Link to import PayPal transactions into QuickBooks.

For most PayPal transaction types, everything needed to keep your PayPal account in balance is created, including transactions to represent your sales, purchases, and fees.

Primary features

  • Individual sales transactions per receipt: Each receipt becomes an invoice, a sales receipt, or a payment (you choose.)  See the example screenshot below.
  • Import customer names and addresses: Names, street, and email addresses are automatically included on new customer records.  Addresses are also added to sales transactions.
  • Inventory management: Items sold are included on sales transactions.  When they are imported, inventory is automatically reduced (if you track inventory.  You can use most any item type including services and non-inventory parts.)
  • PayPal shopping cart support: If your PayPal file contains shopping cart details, those details are transferred to QuickBooks on your sales transactions for even better inventory management.
  • eBay: The add-in also enables eBay integration with your QuickBooks company file. This saves you time managing your auctions and payments, and enables easy accounting integration between eBay and PayPal sales history, and it saves error-prone data entry.

Free Trial

Download this add-in for a free trial, which allows you to try before you buy. You can use the trial to test the PayPal Link in your environment, exporting a limited number of transactions for import into QuickBooks.



Release Notes

Review changes – most recent builds first

Upgrade to the latest latest build!

11.97: Move sales discounts up to just after the sales, before shipping and other charges.

11.95: Changes to work around Malwarebytes uppity false positives.

11.93: Include new sales discounts as line items on sales transactions so they will balance.

11.92: Change to recognize a new label for external transfers.

11.88: Changes for linked credit card transfers in and out of the PayPal account to mirror recent PayPal changes for the transaction titles.

11.87: Renamed some menus and ribbon buttons for clarity. Changes to the installer to make it clear Excel 2016, 2019, 2021, and 365 are all supported. Fixes to name matching so that names and name account numbers that are numbers with leading or trailing zeros will match more reliably. Check the server for new builds only once per day. Add Support button to the About & Purchase window. Slight layout changes on the About & Purchase window.

11.81: Improve the “check for updates” button on the Ribbon which will now tell you when there is a new update. Improvements to support-related information added to IIF files.

11.78: Better handling for keys when a space is omitted from the name portion of the key. Changes to the way connection errors are added to the IIF file for support review to prevent over-zealous warnings from QuickBooks.

11.74: 20x performance improvement when reading integrated names before using the Check Worksheet or Export to IIF features. Consistently preserve list field values that look like numbers but really are not, like 00123 or 1000.0000, which previously might have been saved as numbers like 123 or 1000, losing their formatting.

11.68: When integrating lists, can now blend the Direct Connect and IIF Lists File methods, which will help with QuickBooks 2022 & new versions, because they will not integrate the items list. When integrating via an IIF file, can now choose an option to only update the lists that are in the IIF file! Integration complete window reworked and now includes status for the Terms list. When integrating via an IIF file, better handling for Assembly items. Update main documentation and the List Integration help file available from the Integration window.

11.66: Better handling for name list record fields that contain values that look like numbers but are actually text, including name and address fields as well as custom fields and terms.

11.65: Fix a compile error related to changes in 11.64, managing the output file locations when import a DAT settings file.

– Handle special characters when passing information to prefill the support request form.
– Detect the computer’s system date format and use it for display in the About & Purchase dialog.
– When importing settings, manage user file locations if the saved location does not exist on the current computer. In this case, default to the Documents folder.
– Handle product keys that include embedded quotation marks (which is rare).
– New warning message when attempting to export a worksheet to IIF when the worksheet wasn’t created by the PayPal Link.
– Improve performance when loading the mapping dialog window to map payee names.
– Fix issues around processing purchases that include shipping, tax, and insurance amounts.

11.63: Fix a case that caused Excel to hang when attempting to integrate lists. This happened rarely, on computers where trying to read the windows registry resulted in a system error.  Also, now display the error.

11.62: Make sure the mapping dialog appears in front of all workbooks when mapping expenses to payee names.

11.61: Refinements to changes made in 11.59. Changes to values written for sales tax rows. Change so when adding older product keys on a new installation the Good Through date is set (instead of displaying “‘———-“).

11.59: Updates to the support request window and to error messaging around adding product keys. Add icon to Ribbon to check for product updates.

11.57: Handle changes made to the eBay download file format.

11.56: Improve QuickBooks version detection and connection from 32-bit and 64-bit Excel when connecting to both 32-bit and 64-bit QuickBooks versions.

11.55: Changes to avoid the error message “Unexpected error; quitting” from a QuickBooks 2022 component that’s only partially installed.

11.52: Enhancements for QuickBooks 2022 support.

11.51: Add support for QuickBooks 2022 and Enterprise 22.0.

11.49: For mapping PayPal items to QuickBooks items, handle case where item description contains a comma, which used to have a special meaning in PayPal download files, but no longer does.

11.48: Fix mapping items issue that caused the mapping for items with consecutive spaces in the item name to not map correctly.

11.44b: Update documentation with new steps for eBay history download. Also, update documentation screenshots to match current build.

11.44: New feature to try to detect and repair a broken QuickBooks connection with no need to re-run the installer.

11.43: Better handling of purchases (payment made, not received) that have shopping cart items and those that have sales tax.

11.42: Revise the way “General PayPal Debit Card Transaction” transactions are handled. Now they become Checks if they are payments made and Deposits if they are refunds or other credits.

11.39: Add prompt to integrate when exporting to an IIF file, in addition to when importing from PayPal.  After bypassing integration, add prompt that asks if the last IIF file was successfully imported. Better layout for the export to IIF dialog window.  If a sales tax group is used and it uses a different rate than in QuickBooks, prorate all the tax item rates for tax items within the group. Only add email addresses to new names when a valid email address.  New option to process integration files using fast FSO method – enabled by default. Better handling for integrated account numbers, where the numbers contain decimals. Add option to retain integration temp files for support. If an in product URL can’t be loaded, put up a message with the URL to be used directly in a browser.

11.28: Adjust code for changes to the eBay download file’s cart items.  Improve screen updating during import process.

11.27: Make sure older annual keys work properly with newer primary keys. Better alert messages when subscription is due or overdue. Add warning to delete key message to explain that it’s unusual to delete keys. Reorganize the IIF file export form for clarity.

11.26: Better handling for new names and the default customer name for sales when AP, AR, and the special sales tax accounts are used.

11.25: Ignore ReAuthorization transactions because they are memo only and don’t impact the PayPal account balance. Handle product key entry case where the space between the first and last name is omitted.

11.23: Resolve issue introduced in 11.22 that resulted in a run time error when attempting to add an Annual product key.

11.22: Correct amounts for special shopping cart payments with multiple quantities.

11.21: When processing PayPal files with eBay Auction Payments received, new option to reduce payment by the eBay collected tax amount so payment automatically matches the invoice imported from the eBay file.  Eliminate duplicate item descriptions on imported invoices based on eBay auction sales.

11.19: For eBay files, where the tax is included in the total sale, reduce the total sale by the eBay collected tax.

11.18: For eBay files, ignore the eBay collected tax amounts.

11.14: Fix issue where addresses were not included in the IIF file for new customers and sales.

11.13: Better handling for Payment Method when working with eBay files.  Also for eBay, fix case where multiple item sales amounts were not captured due to recent eBay file changes.

11.12: Resolve message that eBay file is invalid when attempting to map items.

11.03: Get sales tax from new field in the eBay download file.

10.99: Ensure the Integration dialog appears before exporting to an IIF file. Changes to About & Purchase dialog messaging.

10.96: Fixed handling for US Postal Service payments as they were being ignored.

10.95: No longer truncate Payment – received type transaction document numbers.  Better labels for auto-generated memos.

10.93b: Changes to installer related to repairing the QuickBooks connection.

10.93: For better list matching, now retain double-quotes for text and list fields instead of replacing with two single quotes.

10.92: Ensure that addresses don’t include embedded tabs, which will mess up the IIF file.

10.83b: Changes to installer to better find QuickBooks installations during the install process.

10.83: Update handling for Tax collected by partner transactions to use the correct name and accounting.

10.82: Updates to mapping dialog to handle changes in the PayPal file format.

10.71: Handle case for “Partner Fees” transactions where those fees are for holding back sales tax from an eBay sale.

10.69: Update to handle newer transaction types correctly.

10.61: Set and correctly display good through date in About dialog for certain upgrade paths.

10.57: Installer update related to integration issues specific to 32-bit computers.  Add to be emailed to eBay import.  Honor setting to use a specific customer name for eBay sales. Fix Invoice/Sales Receipt numbering.  Update instructions for PayPal download.

10.55: Change the way check worksheet results are copied. Better messaging when entering a key for the wrong product.

10.53b: Installer changes related to integration issue.

10.53: Resolve QuickBooks integration issues with recent QB patch releases.

10.52: Detect recent QB releases while integrating to avoid QB crash.

10.51: Update to support new eBay download file format.

10.48: Notice if a generic payment is sent or received an adjust the fee to have the correct sign for each type.

10.43: Now force names that must be customers, based on all the transactions in the PayPal file, to be customers (this prevents two names from being set up in some cases.)

10.42: More connection error details & solutions. Memos on payments sent no longer truncated. Fix to customer address names. For shopping cart files, cart order now the same as PayPal cart.

10.39: Fix issue where invoices numbers all became “eBay” instead of the appropriate number based on user settings.

10.32: Fix eBay/PayPal integration code after PayPal eliminated key fields from their download file.  Make document numbering more consistent.

10.31: Changes for QB 2019 (more!) including new help links. Update changes to invoice numbering and payment Name and sale number matching for eBay and PayPal download files.

10.29: Reverse the invoice numbering sequence as PayPal reversed the transaction order in their download files.

10.26: Changes to accommodate QuickBooks 2019 and Enterprise 19.0

10.21: Handle changes to the PayPal download file relating to eBay sales and email addresses, to now capture the PayPal customer email address as the eBay address is no longer available.

10.19: Changes to About & Purchase dialog to handle more than one product key.  Fix for Excel 2016 to resolve issue where app would not load properly.

10.18: Changes in logic for payments received where there are quantities greater than 1, usually in cases where cart details are available in the download file.

10.16: Add option for customer refunds account.

10.14: Changes to the way integrated group items are stored in the list cache to handle larger groups.

10.13: Improvements to Payments with cart item details.

10.11: Changes to work around missing and incorrect data in PayPal download files and handle both older style and newer style download files.

10.09: Changes to accommodate PayPal download file name and address formatting issues.