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QuickBooks File Reduction & Optimization


Use this service to optimize your QuickBooks Company file. The service includes several options, and you can pick just one or a few or all of them, all for one price.

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Use the File Reduction & Optimization Service to

  • Prepare a large Enterprise file for use with Pro/Premier, in conjunction with our Enterprise to Pro/Premier conversion service.
  • Reduce the size of a large file for faster performance and stability
  • Optimize a file for faster performance

Reduce your company file size

Reduce the size of your file by removing older unwanted financial transactions. Optionally, also remove unused list records.

Delete older transactions: Transactions before a date you specify will be removed, where it’s possible to do so. (Sometime transactions can’t be removed. For example, if they are linked to newer transactions that aren’t removed.)

Reduce list sizes: Delete unused list records from your choice of the Vendor, Customer, Other Names, Items, and the Chart of Accounts.

Optimize your file for faster performance

Pick from the following options:

– Fix most corruption: We’ll attempt to fix things the rebuild feature will not fix. We will either fix the issues where possible or let you know what they are – where we can tell – so you can decide what action needs to be taken, if any.

– List Optimization: Return lists to default sort order & fix entries flagged by QuickBooks as duplicates

– Remove Audit Trail: This can make your file both faster and smaller and deletes the history of transaction changes. Financial data remains intact.

– Turn off Enhanced Inventory Receiving: Can’t normally be turned off from within QB. If you tried it and don’t like it, we’ll turn it off.

Turn off multi-currency: Usually appropriate only if you’ve used only one currency, or used a second currency on only a few transactions which you’ll later fix or delete.


Turnaround Time

The service offers a turn around time of the next business day.

Follow These steps to use this service

1.  Purchase the service (above)

2.  Complete a service request

3. Send your company file:

     – Send a QBW file, a QBB (backup) file, or a QBM (portable) company file.

     – Click here to upload your file.

When we finish your file optimization we will send and email with a link to download your file.

Supported QuickBooks Version years

Your source data file can be from US QuickBooks Pro/Premier 2016 or newer and QuickBooks Enterprise 16.0 or newer.

Your returned file can be in US QuickBooks Pro/Premier 2018 – 2023 or US Enterprise 18.0 – 23.0 file formats (files from older version-years will be upgraded as part of the process.)