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QB PII Report

Use our free report to find records in your QB company containing PII.

FREE to use! There is no need to purchase or register.  Download the excel add-in using the link below.

Use this tool to automatically create a report from QuickBooks data that lists records with Personally Identifiable Information (PII).

Primary use

  • Find these types of records:
    • Company information’s EIN.
    • Accounts with bank or credit card numbers
    • Customers with CC numbers
    • Vendors with Tax ID’s
    • Employees with SSNs
  • Does not find, but reminds you to look for:
    • Company information’s SSN.
    • Online Banking/Banks Feeds set up information (bank numbers, passwords…)
  • For most QuickBooks company files, removing this PII data from the file means a password will then not be required.



  • According to Intuit, PII on the records above are the things checked by the code that forces a password.
    • Some customers claim there are other triggers, as the are still required to use a password after removing all of the data seen on the report, but if true don’t know what it is and Intuit isn’t saying.
  • If your file is connected to the Intuit Merchant Service, that connection may also force a password as was requested in older versions.
  • If you use a payroll subscription, it is not reasonable to remove the SSN’s from your employees or the EIN from your file. You’re rather stuck.


System Requirements

  • Requires Excel for Windows 2000 – 2017
  • Requires US QuickBooks Pro or Premier for Windows 2013 – 2016 or Enterprise 13.0 – 17.0.




  • After you download, open the ZIP file and read the Readme & Instructions file to learn how to load the addin in Excel.
  • If you see an error when connecting to QuickBooks, or ‘no data returned’, restart QuickBooks.
  • If you have questions or issues using this tool, please submit a free support request from the Support menu above.