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Quicken FAQs


Can I create OFX Files that Quicken will import?

Yes.  Use our QIF to OFX Converter to create QFX files, a type of OFX file that Quicken will import.

Can I include Category and Split information in OFX files?

No. The OFX file format doesn’t contain any fields for a category or for split detail information. However, you can use the QIF file format to include this information.

Can I import security price history information into Quicken?

Yes. Our Excel to QIF Converter now supports import of security price history details as well as security account transactions.

Will your tools for Quicken work with the latest versions of Quicken?

Yes, we’ve tested them with Quicken through the most recent versions. Tools that create QFX files, such as our QIF to OFX Converter work with supported versions of Quicken, which are typically the last three version years of Quicken.