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Report Templates for QuickBooks Desktop

QuickBooks Report Templates for Download

QuickBooks report can be very powerful and flexible, but also confusing. We’ve created these reports based on QuickBooks customer requests and we share them freely.

Memorized Reports

QuickBooks can import memorized reports you can then run from your Memorized Reports list. In this way reports can be shared. We are adding to our list of reports below as we see new customer requests.


Download and import these free reports into your QuickBooks for Windows company file:

  1. Click the reports names below to download them.
  2. Extract the report from the downloaded ZIP file.
  3. In QuickBooks, open the Memorized Reports list from the Reports menu.
  4. Then pick Import Template from the Memorized Reports button at the bottom of the list. Navigate to where you saved the report file and pick it to import it.

After import, a new report will appear on your memorized reports list.

Reports for Download

Vendors & A/P

Vendor Unpaid Transactions Detail  –  Open/unpaid bills and other AP transactions in detail, including the item, memo, and amount for each line item.

Unapplied AP Payments & Credits  –  Payments to Vendors that are open/unapplied – these may need to be applied to open Bills (if any) for correct A/P Aging reports.

Customers & A/R

Unapplied AR Payments & Credits –  Payments from Customers that are open/unapplied – these may need to be applied to open Invoices (if any) in order to create A/R statements with accurate aging.

Unpaid AR Transactions by CustomerJob – All unpaid A/R transaction with Aging sorted by Customer:Job and then due date.


Sales By Customer – With Percentage of Sales – Sales by customer sorted by sales total (largest on top) and including a percentage of total sales column.