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Right Networks

Using our tools with Right Networks

Right Networks tightly controls their machines and won’t let you install our tools directly. However, they will install and host our tools for you on request, just as they do for Microsoft Office and other programs.

Licensing is the same when using our tools on a remote system or a local system. In both cases:

  • After one of our tools is installed, it will first run in trial mode – no purchase needed.
  • When ready, purchase directly from us.
  • When you purchase, you’ll use the product key we send to you with your receipt to unlock the trial. Once you add your key, the tool will run in full/registered mode.

Product Builds

Right Networks does not usually install the latest build of our tools, which is an issue both for us for support reasons and for our customers.

In one recent case, Right installed a build of one of our tools that is so old we don’t even have records of when it was published.

If you want the latest features and fixes available (you do!) you’ll want the latest build. Be sure to ask Right to install the latest build for you.

To ensure that they do, check to see the latest build for each of our tools: Newest product builds (free!)

We suggest checking the product build page regularly and asking Right to update your build when there is a new one.