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Enterprise to Pro/Premier Conversion Service


Convert your QuickBooks Enterprise Company file to Pro/Premier. All company file data is converted including transactions, lists, & preferences so you can continue from right where you left off with no need to re-enter data or fix your converted company.

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Get your file back same-day when we receive it by 3pm Pacific time. Same day may include evening work.
Remove older transactions and list records including names and sales items to make your file smaller. Specify a cutoff date and list options as you submit your conversion request.

Convert your QuickBooks Enterprise Company to QuickBooks Pro/Premier

Are you stuck using Enterprise when you don’t need it? Many Enterprise users actually don’t need it or the expense!

Use this service to convert your QuickBooks Enterprise company data file to a QuickBooks Pro/Premier file.

It’s a complete conversion!  Unlike some services, when you receive your converted file it will contain all of your data.  This means you can pick up right where you left off with no need to re-enter data or fix anything:

–  All financial and non-financial transactions including banking, A/R, A/P, payroll, purchase orders, estimates, and every other kind of transaction!

– All links between transactions, such as payments applied to invoices.

– All lists including accounts, customers, vendors, employees, items, classes, and every other list.

– Preferences, user names, embedded subscription data, and

– All other data in your file!  If you can think of it, it is converted.

The service is guaranteed to convert your company file from Enterprise to Pro/Premier or we will issue you a full refund!  Standard turnaround is the next business day.  We will also convert your file with same day turnaround when you use the Rush option. See details below.

How does it work?

The steps to use the service are simple: To use the service you’ll first purchase and then upload your QuickBooks Enterprise company file using the link below.  During this process you’ll be asked what version year of Pro or Premier you want to use with your converted data. We will then convert your data to Pro/Premier format and return your new Pro/Premier company file to you.

All you need to do is open your converted company file using QuickBooks Pro or Premier!


Rush: Get your file back same-day!  See details under Turnaround Time below.

Condense: Remove older transactions and unused list records from your file.  When you submit your Conversion Request (step 2 below), you’ll specify the condense cutoff date, the date to start removing older transactions.  You can also elect to remove unused Customers, Vendors, Other Names, Sales Items, and accounts.

steps to Use the Conversion Service

The steps are simple:

1. Purchase  –  click the Add to Cart button above to start.

2. Click here to submit a Conversion Request and upload your company file for conversion. Note that you can send your file as a QBW company file, a QBB backup, or a QBM portable version of your file.

After we convert your file, we’ll send a special link you’ll use to download your converted data and then open it in your version of QuickBooks Pro or Premier.

Turnaround Time

Standard Service:  Standard conversions are completed and returned to you on the next business day (Monday – Friday) after we receive your file. You can send any time of day, even in the evening.

Rush Service: Get your file to us by 3pm Pacific time and we’ll get it back to you same day (may include evening work.) Or send your file late Friday anytime and get it back by Sunday noon or earlier for use on Monday.  Weekend conversions are also completed when using the rush option, so you can send your file on Saturday or Sunday and get it back same day.

Supported Versions

Your source company file can be from US Enterprise versions 6.0 – 19.0.

We can return your data in QuickBooks Pro/Premier file versions 2015 – 2019.  You can choose the version year as you submit your file.

The QB data version version year for your converted file must be in the same or newer as the source Enterprise version:


If you have multiple files to convert you can get a quantity discount.

We offer these discounts for multiple conversions. Use one of these coupons after adding your conversion services to the cart:

Purchase 2 conversions together & get a 10% discount: Use the coupon BRCVIP210.

Purchase 3 or 4 conversions together & get a 15% discount: Use the coupon BRCVIP315.

Purchase 5 or more conversions together & get a 20% discount: Use the coupon BRCVIP520.

Q & A

Q: Is all the data converted?   A: Yes, all of the data within your company file is converted.

Q: Is Payroll data converted?   A: Yes, all of the payroll data within your company file is converted.

Q: What can I expect after I purchase?  A: Once you complete the steps above to purchase and send your conversion request and company file, we’ll be ready to start on your conversion.  When it is complete we will notify you and send a link to download your converted file and also instructions to use the file.

Q: Do you keep my data confidential?  A: Yes, all data is kept confidential, is never shared with anyone, and your data is deleted from our systems within two weeks of the conversion.  It’s kept on systems behind both software and hardware firewalls.

Q: How many files can you convert?  A: We can convert as many files as you need converted.  For multiple files, purchase multiple copies of the service.

Q: If my file is bigger does it take longer or cost more? A: No matter how big your files is, the fee and turnaround times are the same.


We’ve got a lot happy customers!  Here are a few compliments sent to us after conversions:

“Amazing! Best investment a small company can make. First rate 5 star performance all around. Highly recommend. Thanks again for great work & fast turnaround. Completely as advertised. I highly recommend this to anyone who wants to downsize their QuickBooks Enterprise app to Pro and save an awful lot of money over time.” – Richard Powell – Boynton Beach, FL

“You are awesome!! Thank you so much! All the files have been downloaded and are fully intact and operational, the conversion was seamless!” – Gina Stein & Susan Shand – Santa Barbara, CA

I just downloaded and opened my new converted file. It appears all is there and correct. I renamed my attach file folder per your instructions and all of the attached files are there as well. Thank you very much for an easy transition from QB Enterprise to Premier! You know it is truly fantastic when a company actually delivers exactly what they advertise. You Did! Thank you!”  – David E. Brown, CPA – Shelbyville, TN

Usually when things sound too good to be true, they are – but not this time. I have been working with QuickBooks for over 20 years and I am amazed and very impressed by this service! I’ve done a lot of data manipulation over the years and this has been the easiest process I’ve ever experienced. You literally just upload the data files from Enterprise and then get back files to download into Premier – so simple! A client of mine moved to Enterprise five years ago because the cost difference to Premier was not that great at the time. However, now with the new Enterprise pricing model, there is a big price difference – especially if you are like my client and do not need to upgrade every year. I found this service and decided to give it a try while cautiously expecting everything not to convert smoothly. However, EVERYTHING converted and I could not be more pleased. Thank you!” – Susan Deal – Plainfield, IL

I want to let you know that I am in awe of your service for converting QuickBooks Enterprise to Pro. I’ve run dual P&L and Balance Sheet reports and the balances match perfectly between the original and converted files. I had a little apprehension in deciding to have my files converted, but it is worth every penny paid. Plus, the speed of this conversion being returned to me was beyond my expectation.
Thank you very much. – Charlene Mitchell – Northfield, MA

I think I am about to cry [from joy]. I have been exporting and importing and transcribing and ripping my hair out for two weeks. Then I found this conversion option, which is amazing. I just opened the converted file – transactions, registers – everything is there! I can’t believe you did that that quickly. Thank you. The best $$ my company has spent. ” – Liz, DGP Painting – Austin, TX

Thanks for the awesome quick reply and solution!  You are my absolute Hero of the week.  I can’t thank you enough for all of your help, from the conversion to the follow-up support.  We are now no longer slaves to the Enterprise version. I wish that all the businesses that I deal with, both professionally and personally, would offer the superb customer support that you offer. I will be more than happy to recommend you to others.” –  Lee Ann Tarducci – Myrtle Beach, SC

Good morning, I want to compliment your service. I cannot find a single error. Everything was converted so perfectly. I’m very happy I chose to try your company.  Thank you!” – Dave Lowney – South Hackensack, NJ

Big Red Consulting provides a quick and accurate conversion of Enterprise to Pro or Premier. We appreciate the diligence and customer support provided by BRC and will highly recommend your services.” – Jason Harshbarger , Harshbarger & Company, CPAs – Camp Hill, PA

Thank you for the excellent job you did with the conversion of our data from Enterprise to QuickBooks Pro. Your instructions were precise and easy to follow.  Everything worked perfectly & our company opened correctly in QuickBooks Pro. It is a pleasure to do business with you, and we hope this short note will let other potential clients know that your service saved us hours & hours of frustration trying to do the conversion ourselves. You run a first class operation, do exactly what you promise, and the results are better than expected.” – Frank Murphy Graphics, Inc. – Orlando, FL

I can honestly say that I have had the best customer service experience with BRC. Steuart, and the entire support staff worked very diligently to remedy my conversion problem and they went over and above any expectations I could have had to ensure I got my files back unbelievably timely.  Their response was almost immediate after I emailed them with questions about how the conversion process worked and what to expect when I received my returned files. I can’t thank BRC enough for the help in getting my files converted because with every minute of downtime I was falling behind. This has truly been a gift. Thank you so much!” – Donna Menifee – CA

Want to say thanks again!  The file seems to be perfect.  I haven’t found any problems or anything missing.  I’m very impressed!” – Art Corral – Tucson, AZ

I have to tell you, I am very happy.  Your service is amazing, and works exactly as advertised. Plus, the turnaround time was unbelievable and completely unexpected.  Wow!   Everything is working perfectly and now I don’t have to pay extortion fees to Intuit every year.   Thank you again for outstanding customer service and a great products.  Your software tools are worth every penny and  I will highly recommend this  service.”  –  Blaise Castellano – Freeport, NY

My experience with your service was EXTREMELY positive. File looks perfect and the service A+.  I didn’t want to install Enterprise on my computer to use an Enterprise file. Am SO GLAD I used your service. Will never again try to “do-it-myself”. Cost was very reasonable & turn-around was quicker than I could have done – and no gotchas! Thanks again – will recommend you highly in QB forums.” – JC Martell – Montgomery, AL