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How to resolve macros are “unavailable or disabled” message


When clicking a button on the Excel Ribbon get a message like:

Cannot run the macro ‘QBIIFTX_mCall_show_importLists’. The macro may not be available in this workbook or all macros may be disabled.

Where ‘QBIIFTX_mCall_show_importLists’¬† varies based on the button you click.


This usually happens when Excel is launched in such a way as to not load add-ins. QuickBooks may launch Excel in this way (which Microsoft considers a feature.)

More rarely it will happen when the add-in files have been moved or deleted, or when macros actually have been disabled.

Steps to resolve

1. Restart Excel

This will normally load the add-ins again and the message will go away.

2. reinstall

If restarting Excel doesn’t work, the easiest fix is to reinstall the add-in. To do this, get and install the latest release from our site from this page: Get the Latest Free Product Releases

3. Load the add-in manually

Follow the steps in the install troubleshooting topic to load the add-in manually:  Installation troubleshooting