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List Importer


Import lists into QuickBooks from Excel. Import accounts, employees, customers, vendors, items, classes, and other names. Also, import opening & adjusting balances for for select lists.

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Import lists into QuickBooks from Excel, including balance adjustments!

The List Importer makes it easy to import Excel-based lists into QuickBooks by creating IIF files for import directly from your Excel worksheets.

Using it you can import various list records. Accounts, Items, Customers, Vendors, Other Names, Employees, and Classes are all supported.

Also, optionally import balance adjustments for Customers, Vendors, Accounts, and Inventory Items.

New! Converts QuickBooks Online Customer, Vendor, and Employee Contact List Reports to IIF files you can import into QuickBooks Desktop.

New! Optionally skip records that are already in QuickBooks, adding only new records to the IIF file.

Free Trial

Download this Excel add-in for a free trial, which allows you to try before you buy.  You can use the trial to test the List Importer.  When you purchase, use the product key we’ll send you to unlock the trial.



Release Notes

1.93:  Revise error messages related to entering product keys. Add Paste button to Add Key dialog window.

1.91: Add progress to the status bar during export.

1.89: Big update: Now support integration with QuickBooks lists, similar to many of our other products. This allows you to pick accounts from your chart of accounts for your Adjusting Balance transactions and also support the new “Skip existing” records feature. Also cleaned up dialogs windows, renamed menu and ribbon options for clarity, and updated the help file.

1.87: Better handling for name address when building them from the various address fields. Now won’t write the same values for the salutation fields of the address from multiple fields. Also, like QuickBooks, now use primarily the company and FML fields for customers and vendors, as well as the Addressed To field  – which doesn’t really exist in QuickBooks.

1.86: Fix issue where the customer type was not being written to the IIF file.

1.85: Set and correctly display good through date in the About dialog for certain upgrade paths.

1.82: Changes for QB 2019

1.81: Update the ribbon and put the examples with the other documentation.

1.79: Big update!

– Revised all of the example lists to include new instructions and all available columns for export.

– Revised the help document.

– Now support QB Online Customer, Vendor, and Employee Contact List reports, so you can use them as a source of data to import into your existing QuickBooks for Windows company.

1.78: Changes to About & Purchase dialog to handle more than one product key.

1.77:  Added a reason code to the trial expired notice to help support.