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Timesheet Link


Import time records into QuickBooks from Excel. Batch-create time sheets for your employees to fill out. Includes several customizable time sheet templates to suit many needs.

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Enter Employee time in Excel and Import it directly into QuickBooks!

Use this tool to enter time in Excel for individuals or groups of employees and then import it into QuickBooks.

Create sheets for one employee or include multiple employees on one time sheet.

When including including multiple employees on a single worksheet time sheet you can, for example, copy/paste time from one employee to another for quick data entry.

Batch-create customized time sheets, email time sheets to employees or managers, and then batch-import the completed & returned time sheets into QuickBooks.

Will process both time sheets and flat files containing time records from other sources, such as records exported from time clock software.


Key Features

  • Support for employee and vendor time sheets.
  • Includes multiple time sheet templates to pick from. Use one of these templates or create and save custom templates.
  • Includes support for entering start/stop times. In this case the Timesheet Link will automatically calculate time worked from start/stop times.
  • Batch-create multiple time sheets. Optionally, save them as individual Excel workbooks – perhaps to email to employees or their managers.
  • When paired with our Excel Batch Email Manager, you can email time sheets directly to employees.
  • For quick and consistent data entry, list records are pulled directly from your company file and then included as pick lists on your time sheets. Lists of employees, service items, payroll items, classes, and customer:jobs can be included on your time sheets.
  • Overtime and double-time can be automatically calculated. You can specify the rules for doing this, including daily and weekly overtime and double-time thresholds.
  • For employees that use time for payroll, time records can be automatically assigned to the correct regular, overtime, and double time payroll earnings items based on your QuickBooks employee records & payroll item list.
  • For each vendor or employee, the Timesheet Link error checks each time record to make sure it follow QuickBooks rules – so can be imported without error. For example, time records for an employee who uses time for payroll must include a payroll item, and if they don’t use time for payroll it must not include one.


Free Trial

Download this add-in for a free trial, which allows you to try before you buy. You can use it to test in your environment to create up to 100 individual time records. After purchase use your product key to unlock the trial to the full version.


Release Notes

Review changes – most recent builds first

Upgrade to the latest latest build!

4.57: Changes to work around Malwarebytes uppity false positives.

4.56: Improve the “check for updates” button on the Ribbon and Menu which will now tell you when there is a new build available. Add Support button to the About & Purchase window. Slight layout changes and better license status messaging on the About & Purchase window. Updates to messaging when product keys are entered incorrectly. Better handling for keys when a space is omitted from the name portion of the key. Fixes to name matching so that names and name account numbers that are numbers with leading or trailing zeros will match more reliably.  When launching a new support request from within the product, prefill more fields and handle special characters. Changes to the installer to make it clear Excel 2016, 2019, 2021, and 365 are all supported.

4.55: Improved messaging when the output file cannot be created or written to, handling various cases. Small layout changes to the export dialog window.

4.54: Fixed layout issue on the Columns tab of the New Timesheet window that caused the labels to be clipped.  When using sub-classes and sub-items, you can now specify just the sub record name instead of the full parent:sub name and the Timesheet Link will find the full name from the associated list and include it in the IIF file.

4.53: Update emailing time sheet code to work with updated our Excel Batch-Email Manger.  Added new related fields to the Email Settings window. Improve handling if the employee record has multiple email addresses in the main Email field; now handle case where emails are not separated with a comma. Change Time List window caption and title when error checking time list. Handle case where Excel auto-closes the default “Book1” workbook as the New Time Sheets window is opening – causing it to not open.

4.52: Improve error checking code and messaging on the automatic overtime & double-time configuration window. Prevent messages about double-time when double-time is not enabled.

4.51: Remove tab characters from the Memo/Description, item, and class fields because tabs are not allowed within fields in IIF files.

4.49: Change trial to a 30 day fully-functional trial (from the old trial which was limited to exporting only 100 time records). Add a date pick-list with several common formats for the IIF file (which should match your computer’s date format). Add ‘check for updates’ to the menu and ribbon – which brings you here!  The new Get Help window automatically opens the support request page and prefills values. Reorganized the menu (older Excel) and the custom Ribbon tab with clearer labels. Updated documentation to match changes.

4.48: Performance improvements when updating lists. When integrating the Other Names list, include the names on the list of workers.

4.47: Changes in the code that detects the running version of QuickBooks.

4.46: Resolve an issue that prevented 32-bit Excel from connecting to QuickBooks 2022.

4.45: Changes to avoid the error message “Unexpected error; quitting” from a QuickBooks 2022 component that’s only partially installed.

4.44: Fix issue that caused ribbon tab to not display. Improvements to key handling.

4.43: Fix issue that caused ribbon customization to be lost in some cases.

4.42: Improvements to detecting the running QuickBooks version for integration and to related messaging.

4.41: Add support for QuickBooks 2022 and Enterprise 22.0. User Interface improvements during integration. Add new option to base service item pick lists on previous time records, instead of all service items from the items list.

4.39: Ensure logos added to custom time sheet templates retain their size and shape on new time sheets. Bring the success message forward after creating time sheets.

4.38: Rework automatic overtime calculation configuration dialog to make it easier to use.  Resolve ribbon tab conflict between the List Importer and Timesheet Link.

4.37: New feature to try to detect and repair a broken QuickBooks connection with no need to re-run the installer.

4.36: Fix the 32-bit connection method again. This time… really!

4.35: Fix issue seen during integration when using the 32-bit connection method where an erroneous message indicated an invalid list. Spruced up the success message shown after creating time sheets.

4.34: Make sure that when saving time sheets as files no reserved characters are used.  Update various windows for usability.  Major edit and reorganization of the documentation file.

4.33: Fixed an issue where an employee could appear twice on the lists of employees. Refined lists integration dialog window.

4.32: Make sure older annual keys work properly with newer primary keys. Better alert messages when subscription is due or overdue. Add warning to delete key message to explain that it’s unusual to delete keys. Optimize searching for names as when creating time records for the IIF file.  Add help text to connection dialog regarding connection issues.  Fix issue on the create time sheets window where previously selected employees were not saved and set automatically.

4.31: Add list integration options to skip the customer, vendor, other name, and items lists.

4.29: Make the special import instructions button actually work.

4.27: Add QB version info to exported IIF file for support.  Add special import instructions to ‘success’ dialog for QB 2019 & newer.

4.24: Fix code that saves preference for filtered payroll item pick list.

4.22d: Reapply the digital signature to the installer.

4.22c: Additional changes to installer related to repairing the QuickBooks connection.

4.22b: Installer related changes to repairing the QuickBooks connection.

4.22: Extend changes in 4.21 to handle worksheets protected with a password.

4.21: Better handling for protected worksheets – allowing the Timesheet Link to correctly determine cell formulas where present.

4.19: Re-enable the Options tab on the Integrate with QuickBooks dialog, which was accidentally hidden in release 4.11.

4.18: Make sure 0.00 time records aren’t written to the IIF file when they’re a result of shifting all the time to overtime or double time.

4.17: Fix issue with Customer:Job changes in 4.16 where Customer:Job wasn’t being included in the IIF file.

4.16: Make sure time sheet and time list subtotal rows aren’t seen as time rows when exporting.  Add option to reorder and sort the Customer:Job list by Job:[Customer] for easier data entry.

4.15: Set and correctly display good through date in About dialog for certain upgrade paths.

4.13: Updates name mapping logic. Made the mapping dialog wider for improved usability.

4.12b: Installer updated related to integration issues.

4.12: Make sure that Jobs names entered on the time sheet are not too long and they are formatted correctly with no spaces between the name levels – in the format [Customer]:[Job] – when written to the IIF file.

4.11: Resolve QuickBooks integration issues with recent QB patch releases.

4.08: Handle issue when integrating to avoid QB crash.

4.07: Now export time records to IIF when the duration is 0.00 (but not blank.)

4.06: Add details to the IIF files created by the app to assist support.

4.05: Update connection error messages to include more details and updated help text.

4.04: Change code that finds the Excel custom Ribbon file.

4.03: Fix name loading/matching for very large names lists.

4.02: Fix issue with time list export and overtime calculation.

4.01: Enabled automatic OT calculation for multi-employee time sheets. Fix an issue with double-time calculation. Make integration prompt hide-able for a day. Update dialog windows for clarity.

3.99: Now find Jobs even when only the Job name is specified instead of the Customer:Job.  Fix key display issue in the About & Purchase dialog.

3.98: Changes to accommodate QuickBooks 2019 and Enterprise 19.0

3.97: Changes to About & Purchase dialog to handle more than one product key.  Fix for Excel 2016 to resolve issue where app would not load properly.

3.96: Changes when saving custom time sheets to prevent excel information messages about file formats.

3.95: Changes to connection method when pulling QB lists, especially when using 64-bit Excel.  Now default to faster alternate connection method for all versions of Excel. It appears to be more reliable as previously implemented in the IIF Transaction Creator and other apps.   Also, user interface changes for a better experience using newer versions of Excel.