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Support – Common Questions

Product support questions

  • Each tool we offer includes instructions/help that describes how to use the tool, its capabilities, and answers common questions.  Access it from the Instructions, Documentation, or Help menu link or button (depending on the tool.)
  • If the documentation doesn’t help, please send a support request and we’ll help via email.

Haven’t heard back from us?

If you haven’t received your receipt and/or you have not received other requested email responses from us, such as to support requests, your email account may be blocking our email.  Test your email account  to see if you get an auto-response from us.

  • When you make purchase on our site the server sends your receipt instantly.
  • When you request a product key the email response is sent instantly.
  • When you send a support request, we will reply.  We usually reply the same day or the next business day if your request is received after business hours or on weekends.

The add-in does not appear in Excel after installation?

See install troubleshooting for steps to resolve this issue.

Installing on a new computer?

See instructions.

QuickBooks Connection Troubleshooting

Many of our tools connect to QuickBooks to get data.  In order for this process to work properly, you must have sufficient rights both in QB and Windows and the QuickBooks installation must be working properly.

QB does not always tell you when you don’t have the necessary rights, but instead will fail.  Similarly QuickBooks may appear to work fine for most things, but the connection doesn’t work.  In these cases,  see connection troubleshooting.

Getting an odd password prompt?

Excel will sometimes put up a password prompt as Excel is shutting down, and you won’t have any idea what it is. You’re not supposed to see this prompt.

This is usually caused by another application like a virus checker, which is trying to de-compile our addin, which triggers the prompt. Once the prompt is displayed, you will usually need to stop the Excel application in the Windows task manager to get the prompt to go away. To test that this is the issue, temporarily disable your virus checker (or other similar application) and see if the prompt appears again.  Typically, the resolution is to update your virus checker, use a different virus checker, or to configure it to not check the addin in this way.

Purchasing Q&A

We frequently get these questions:

  • Is the purchase one time, annual, or a subscription?  The purchase is one time.  There is no need to purchase the same tool again in the future for the same user.
  • How many users can use the tool I’ve purchased? Each tool is sold as a single user copy. If you will have more than one user for a tool, please purchase a copy for each user.
  • What types of payment do you accept?  We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and PayPal.
  • Is my my credit card information safe with BRC?  Yes. We actually never receive or store your credit card or PayPal account numbers. Card numbers and related data are sent to the payment processor, but never retained.
  • Can I get a discount?  Yes, if you purchase two or more products at the same time, you can get a 10% discount.  We also offer bundles at a significant savings. See bundles & coupons for more options.

Problems ordering?

Customers sometimes have trouble completing their purchase when a general error like, “An error occurred while communicating with the processing gateway“. If you see errors like this, consider restarting your browser, clearing your browser cache, or using a different browser.  If that does not work, please wait 30 minutes or so and try again.

Not sure what a charge from us is on your credit card statement?

Check your email for a receipt from us or ask others in your office if they purchased from us.  Or,  send a support request asking for details. Include the date of the charge, the amount, payment method, and the cardholders name in your request.  We’ll research it and reply to you.

Credits & Returns

Generally, we offer returns for 30 days if the tool does not perform as described on our site or in the documentation, and if you have worked with support to attempt to resolve the situation.  For more details, see returns.

If you do encounter problems with one of our tools tool, please send a support request.  Most problems can be resolved quickly.