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Support Q&A

Product support & sales questions

We support our products via email. Also, note that each tool includes documentation that describes the tool’s capabilities & answers common questions.  Also, see Frequently Asked Questions.

If the documentation doesn’t answer your questions, please send a support request and we’ll help via email.  

Problems Ordering?

Rarely, customers have trouble completing their purchase when a general error like, “An error occurred while communicating with the processing gateway“. If you see errors like this, consider restarting your browser, clearing your browser cache, or using a different browser.  If the issue persists use the Fax Order Form.

Your addin does not appear in Excel after installation?

See Install Troubleshooting

Installing on a new computer?

See instructions

Lost your product key?

Get a replacement key

Not sure what the charge from Big Red Consulting is on your credit card statement?

Check your email for a receipt from us, or ask others in your office is they purchased from is.  Or,  Send a request to support  Include the date of the charge, amount, payment method, and credit cared name in your request and then we can research it.

You may call 408-732-1492 and leave a message. However, calling will usually delay the response. If you call, include the date of the charge, amount, payment method, name, and email address. We will reply in an email.  Don’t call for product questions or support! This is an administrative number only, not for support. Instead, use the links above.

Credits & Returns

Generally, we offer returns for 30 days if the tool purchased does not perform as described on our site or in the tool’s documentation, and if you have worked with support to attempt to resolve the situation. Most problems turn out to be solvable. Returns may be charged a $10 handling fee.

Our goal is that you have a problem-free experience using our tools & we will work with you to get the tool working for you. When needed, we can often create fixes to resolve difficulties or offer other advice.

Note that our tools each offer a free pre-purchase trial period which allows you to confirm that the tool works for your intended purpose in your environment. Please take advantage if the trial period by clicking a Download link to get your trial copy.

If you do encounter problems with one of our tools tool, please send a support request. Most problems are mistakes made in following the instructions which can be resolved quickly.