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Employee Fixer


Trick QuickBooks into accepting 000-00-0000 SSN's on employee records.

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Set QuickBooks Employee SSN’s to 000-00-0000 for ‘Applied for’ W-2 filing – or to any other desired number


In the summer of 2023, Intuit added new unwanted restrictions to employee records around social security numbers. They disallowed 000-00-0000 as a number, as well as other ‘invalid’ numbers.  Additionally, they disallowed saving two or more employees employee records with the same SSN.

Nine-zeros for the SSN has been used in QuickBooks for 25 years or more to represent the “applied for an SSN” case.  Entering an SSN of nine-zeros causes “Applied for” to appear on the printed W-2 in the SSN box and 000-00-0000 to be used when e-filing through QuickBooks – per the IRS and SSA instructions.

However, for reasons that are hard to fathom, in the summer of 2023 Intuit changed current versions of QuickBooks and disallowed entering 000-00-0000 as the SSN, as well as other known “invalid” numbers.

Use this utility to create a special import file that will set employee SSN’s to 000-00-0000, save two or more employees with the same SSN, and set the SSN to any nine-digit number.

When SSN’s are set to all zeros then you can correctly print and file W-2’s for employees who have applied for an SSN and for employees where you cannot acquire the correct SSN in time to file.


This utility is free to download and use. There is no need to purchase or register. 

However, please consider sending a small $15 thank-you. This will help motivate us to keep the tool up to date and to improve it as needed.

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Release Notes

1.03: Changes:

  • Enable setting SSN’s to any number, not just 000-00-0000 (for the ‘Applied for’ case).
  • Support for setting the same SSN on multiple employee records – to handle cases where two or more employee records are required (or just happen to exits) for the same person.
  • Handle case where the employee is inactive: Make the employee active so their SSN will update.
  • Change instructions and tips to match.

1.02: Reinforce instructions for importing into QuickBooks using the alternate import method.

1.01: Initial release.