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Accountant bundle


The IIF Transaction Creator Pro, Transaction Copier, List Importer, QIF to IIF Converter, and the QIF to OFX Converter sold together at a discount.

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The Accountant bundle includes several add-ins sold together at a discount.

Save 32% on these tools when purchased as a bundle.

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This package includes the IIF Transaction Creator Pro, Transaction Copier,  List Importer,  the QIF to OFX Converter, and the QIF to IIF Converter. With these tools you can import transactions and lists into QuickBooks, move data from one company file to another, and import data for reconciliation as OFX/QBO files.

IIF Transaction Creator pro

Import most transactions into QuickBooks from Excel.  Switch quickly between profiles and client companies.  Import IIF files for directly into QuickBooks registers including bank, credit card, AR and AP accounts.

Transaction Copier

Copy transactions from one company file and import into another company file.

List Importer

Import may types of lists, and also related opening or adjusting balances.

QIF to OFX Converter

Convert QIF files into QBO files for import into QuickBooks for matching using the online banking feature.

QIF to IIF Converter

Convert QIF files into IIF files for import directly into QuickBooks registers.