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Donor Statements – QBO


Create donor thank-you statements from QB Online that are ready to print and mail without any additional data entry. Statements designed to fit into #10 windowed envelopes with no mailing labels required. Statements can also be emailed when used with the XL Email Manager.

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Create detailed donor statements

Create donor statements directly from your QuickBooks data. No need to reenter any data.

How it works

This add-in uses your QuickBooks Online donation to create customizable donor statements in a letter-like format ready to print.  You can create one or many statements at a time with no additional data entry.

key features

The Donor Statements add-in includes options to customize your statements to suit your charity: Specify opening and closing text, include various ‘mail-merge’ fields, and include & customize the details of each Donor’s giving history.  Additional options let you select between two donation table types and choose table data columns such as date, item, description, class, and many others.

It includes support for donation transactions entered as Invoices & Payments, Sales Receipts, and Deposit line items. You can mix and match between these transaction types, all of which can be included in your statements.

When printing statements, use #10 windowed envelopes so there is no need to create address labels. This can reduce labor and eliminate labeling mistakes.  New, a visual alignment feature makes it easier to create statements that align to your windowed envelopes!

There is no special set-up needed in QuickBooks. If you’ve entered your donations using your donor names, they’ll probably work with this add-in.

You can also create donor statements and batch email them!  The email feature requires purchase of our BRC XL Email Manager.


Free Trial

Download this add-in for a free trial, which allows you to try before you buy.  During the trial the tool is limited to creating 15 statements per run.  After you purchase there is no limit to the number of statements you can create.

Click the Windows logo above to download the tool in trial mode.  You can use the trial to test in your environment with your data.