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A/R Statements Pro


Create A/R statements for your QuickBooks customers that are ready to print and & without any additional data entry. Statements designed to fit into #10 windowed envelopes with no mailing labels required & can also be emailed when used with the Excel Email Manager.

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Create letter-like professional A/R statements

Create statements directly from your QuickBooks data. No need to reenter any data.

How it works

This Excel add-in pulls QuickBooks A/R transactions and then creates customizable statements in a letter-like format ready to print.  You can create one or many statements at a time with no data entry.

key features

The A/R Statements Pro add-in includes options to customize your statements to suit your needs:  You can specify opening and closing paragraphs of text, include various ‘mail-merge’ fields, and include & customize the details of the customers’ account activity.

Customize the table of details to show many standard data fields like date, item, description, and class.  Also, include many fields not available in QB statements, including as custom customer and item fields.

Invoices, Payments, Credit Memos, and other A/R transactions are always included, as well as any unusual transactions that impact A/R in your file (such as Checks or General Journals) and you can also optionally include Sales Receipts details!

Statements are set up to look like letters and can be printed and used with  #10 windowed envelopes – so there is no need to create address labels. This can reduce labor and eliminate labeling mistakes.  A visual alignment feature makes it easier to create statements that align to your windowed envelopes. You can optionally print the statements in duplex mode to save paper.

There is no special set-up needed in QuickBooks. Just enter your A/R data as normal and all should work.

Batch emailing statements  is also an option. The app will attach your statements in several formats for your customers’ convenience.  The email feature requires purchase of our BRC XL Email Manager.


Free Trial

Download this add-in for a free trial, which allows you to try before you buy.  During the trial the tool is limited to creating 15 statements per run.  After you purchase there is no limit to the number of statements you can create.

Release Notes

1.46: Add as of dates to the balance forward and statement balances rows.  Make the Net Activity after row appear only if there is activity after the statement date.  Fix the customizable aging row so that calculations are correct for all customers.

1.45: Changes in formatting tables so that the Description and other long text fields will appear to take up two lines in the final statements – when user forces the column width to be wider in the interview.

1.44: Fix issue where email addresses on customers were not returned from QuickBooks.

1.43: Hide ‘no account’ rows like subtotals.  Add [Customer Company] auto-replace key word. Improve formatting for Opening Balance lines.

1.42: Fix sorting issue created in 1.41.  Add customizable aging block feature to display 0/30/60/90 days due under details table.

1.41: Increased the per-customer detail line limit from 1,000 to 7,500.  Added messaging if the limit is exceeded.

1.39: Changes to the custom / duplex print feature. Add option to print page numbers on statements.

1.37: Added Price field and smart formatting for it. Updated table field alignment. Fix display of Qty values.

1.36: Added transaction address fields as optional fields.  Updated documentation.

1.35: Regroup and clarify the sales transaction detail detail level settings: Full Detail lines, merged detail lines, or summary lines only.

1.34: New auto-replace keyword fields for our your statement text, updated documentation, and new option to include unpaid activity prior to the statement dates.

1.33: Initial release