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Donor Statements – QB Online


Create donor giving statements ready to print and mail without any additional data entry. Optionally use #10 windowed envelopes - no mailing labels required.

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Create detailed donor statements

Create donor statements in Excel from your QuickBooks Online data – No need to reenter any data!

How it works

This add-in uses your QuickBooks Online donation transactions to create customizable donor statements in a letter-like format that are ready to print and mail. You can create one or many statements in a batch.

key features

The Donor Statements – QB Online Excel add-in includes options to customize your statements to suit your non-profit: You can specify opening and closing text paragraphs, include various ‘mail-merge’ fields, and include the details of each donor’s giving history.  Options let you choose between two donation table types and choose the data columns you want to show – such as date, item, description, class, and amount.

It includes support for donation transactions entered as Invoices/Pledges & Payments for them, Sales Receipts, and even Deposit line items. You can mix and match between these transaction types, all of which can be included in your statements.

When printing statements, if you use #10 windowed envelopes, then there is no need to create address labels. This will reduce labor and eliminate labeling mistakes. A visual alignment feature makes it easier to create statements that align to your windowed envelopes.

There is no special set-up needed in QuickBooks. If you’ve entered your donations using your donor’s names, they’ll probably work with this app.

You can also email your donor statements! The email feature requires our Excel Batch Email Manager.

Free Trial

Download this add-in for a free trial, which allows you to try before you buy. During the trial the tool is limited to creating 15 statements per run. After you purchase there is no limit to the number of statements you can create.


Release Notes

Review changes – most recent builds first

Upgrade to the latest latest build!

4.15: Changes to accommodate dates on the QuickBooks Online reports, which are not correctly written as dates but instead as text (for no good reason). This causes issues for Excel when interpreting the dates when the dates are in a DD/MM order format (even for international versions of Excel and even when the computer’s system date is DD/MM.)

4.14: Changes:

  • Updated the enhanced formatting for subtotals so they are italicized instead of bolded.
  • Updated code that matches pledges/invoices and payments to handle sub-donor/customers when the option to create statements by donor/customer is selected. Now, when there are sub-donor/customers for A/R transactions, ask if statements will be created by sub-donor/customer or by donor/customers when processing QuickBooks reports.

4.13: Fixed an issue that caused the code that matches payments with invoices to loop forever when there were more than 100 invoice detail rows. Now issue a message in this case.

4.12: Fixed an issue introduced in 4.11 that broke the item filter, causing it to exclude every donation detail with an item.

4.11: Changes to work around Malwarebytes uppity false positives.  Begin updates for new style reports.

4.09: Fix in the logic that finds the special unapplied funds account to handle account numbers to prevent unapplied payments from appearing twice on the donor statements.

4.08: Fix an issue where contribution tables that are totaled by Account used the first account name on each the group’s titles, instead of the account name for that group.  Subtotal labels not extend up to the first subtotaled table column.

4.07: Handle missed case for non-profit edition where the report title for the new reports added to recent releases for a customer is “Donor”.  Similarly, handle case where “Sales Receipts” are called “Receipts” in the non-profit edition.

4.06: Changes:

  • New feature! Include the Deposit Detail report in order to get the deposit Ref #’s from it, for display on statements in the Payment Number field.
  • When printing using the custom/duplex print feature, now better manage the footer text when the print page numbers option is selected, so that the text is less likely to overlap the page number.
  • Fix a typo in the default customizable text for the new donation return voucher feature.

4.05: Changes:

  • New feature! Add donation return vouchers, which can be customized with the desired text and formatting. They appear at the end of each statement, either on the same page or their own page.
  • Added several new options to the Custom / Print Duplex feature
    • Print page numbers
    • Repeat the return address, logo, and statement date on each printed page (or not!)
    • Repeat the donor name (address line 1)  in the statement header of each page
    • Print donation vouchers on separate pages – so they’ll never print on the back page of a statement
    • Omit the header and footer on the first page or multi-page statements
  • Reorganized the Options & Create tab of the Create Donor Statements window.
  • Added a new Font selection for the new return vouchers to the Fonts tab, and also fixed the field tab order.
  • Added a warning if the top margin appears to be too small to fit data put in the header.
  • Stop auto-updating the bottom margin based on the footer margin setting – was confusing and not really that helpful.
  • Reordered and added key words to the auto-replace keyword list on the Message tab of the Create Statements window.
  • Refreshed the documentation to include these new features and with other changes.

4.04: Add ability to nest the custom text keyword aggregate <cutempty></cutempty> within a <usefirst></usefirst> aggregate. Update documentation to show how to use these features together. Improve validation on the new custom Salutation window introduced in 4.03.

4.03:  Updates:

  • New feature! Include the Sales by Customer Detail report in order to get the Sales Receipt Ref # from it, for display on statements in the Payment Number field.
  • New Address Options window where the user can choose from several fields on the customer/donor records to be used as the first address rows and the salutation on letters. Choose which of the customer’s Full Name, First Last Name, and Company Name fields are preferred for the first and optional second address salutation lines.
  • Now specify the charity’s name and address in its own form, for less clutter on the Create Statements window.
  • Add the ability to notify donors of both their current statement donation total and also a wider period, such as YTD, based on the Transaction Detail report exported from QuickBooks. The new [All Dates Total Gift] auto-replace keyword will include all donations found on the Transaction report, while the [Total Gift] keyword will include only the dates specified for the statements.
  • Updated documentation regarding creating and saving reports, exporting them from QuickBooks to Excel. Also updated the screenshots, and added various details and explanations where needed.

4.02:  Updates:

  • Resolve an issue related to importing QB reports while matching invoices and payments where the process would seemingly never end.
  • Related, more entertaining status-bar updates during the matching process.
  • When using the Summary Table option, the titles of the table are formatted like the Detail table titles.
  • Right-align the statement date and statement number fields.
  • Set the spacing below the organization’s return address position on statements, which impacts where the customer return address appears, even when not actually adding the organization address to the statement.
  • Updates to the automatic feature that sizes the statement columns so they fill the printed page when they’d otherwise be too narrow.
  • On first use, set the default detail table titles to shorter versions of the field names, which was already done when picking fields manually.

4.01: Add option to sort statements by donor Last Name, First Name – in addition to the previous options to sort by ZIP and Name.

3.99: Update the Auto-replace key words list for usability. Add [Donor Company Name] to the list. Improve messaging for cases where the a signature file is selected but not included in the text message fields. Improve messaging when [Company ID] and [Company Name] auto-replace fields are used in the text message fields but nothing is entered in the source fields in the interview.

3.98: Improve the “check for updates” button on the Ribbon and the menu to now tell you when there actually is a new update! When creating a support request from in-product, now prefill more fields. Add Support button the the About & Purchase window. Remove some fields from the list of auto-replace fields – ones that made no sense to be there. Update documentation regarding creating the QB Online reports to match the current interface and to “switch to classic view” where available.

3.97: Update text used to describe donors and sub-donors on the Donors tab of the create statement window to match QuickBooks Online.

3.96:  Fix pause technique logic when sending email using the Excel Batch Email Manager so the number of emails between pauses doesn’t drop to 1 after the first pause. Build 2.58 of the Excel Batch Email Manager is required to send email.

3.95: Handle infrequent case where the Contact List report doesn’t include an empty column, which is usually column A.  Add Transaction Name, Full Name, and Customer Type to the list of auto-replace key words.

3.94: Be sure the Undeposited Funds account doesn’t appear in the list of donation accounts to select from. Changes to make sure the company logo appears in the same position on every statement worksheet after creating multiple statement worksheets in a statement run.

3.93: Updates to prefill information sent when creating a support request.

3.92: Improved error messaging when adding product keys. Updates About & Purchase dialog window. Updated messaging when there’s an error emailing a statement. For emailing statements, build 2.53 of the Batch-Email Manager is now required. New Check for Updates menu item and button on the Ribbon – that brings you here!  Reworked the Get Help window. Now, prefills the support request form your data. Updated trial mode messaging. Now suggest shorter column labels for the detail table fields for some key fields.

3.91: Clarify “Missing Columns” message when the missing column is one with no title. Related, no longer require a leading blank column for the Customer Contact report. Rename custom Ribbon tab to “Donor Statements – QB Online” for clarity.

3.89: When emailing statements, add the ability to attach a file that will be emailed to all recipients. This can be used to send a newsletter or other similar file.

3.88: Now allow for multiple email recipient addresses when sending email using the BRC Batch-Email Manager. Build 2.51 of the Batch-Email Manager is now required. Make sure the date changes in build 3.87 don’t cause the dates to print as ###### when scaling impacts the column.

3.87: Improvements to auto-fitting the statements for printing.

3.86: Add error-checking to fields used when emailing statements. Also, for emailing, add a warning if there are no file types selected for statement attachments (but you can still continue if you don’t want to send attachments.)

3.85: Update interface for emailing statements when used with the BRC Excel Batch-Email Manager. Update fields on the Email tab of the Create Statements window to match.

3.84: New option to create statements for donors that have unpaid balances (pledges) but no donations for the period.

3.83: Add support for QB Online reports exported to old-style XLS files (in addition to XLSX files) because under some circumstances QB Online writes files in the older format.

3.82: Remove references to donation tables from the mail merge feature, because they’re not included in the QBO version.

3.81: Fix a runtime error introduced in 3.79 (Oops!)

3.79: Fix an issue where the customer balance amount wasn’t captured from the (optional) customer balance report and so wouldn’t appear on statements.

3.78: Now include Refund Receipt transactions on statements if they are included on the transaction report.

3.77: New filter to exclude customers who are not on the Customer Contact List. Automatically clean up customer names, removing leading and trailing spaces. Better formatting for the salutation when using first and last name fields and one or the other is blank. Change customer “Sub-Type” labels to “Type” to match the QuickBooks interface. Update documentation to match.

3.76: Updates to how Credit Memos are matched with the invoices they pay off.

3.75: Refinements to code that matches invoices/donations to payments.

3.74: Fix issue where special calculated columns on the Data worksheet weren’t saved.

3.73: Fixed a compile error caused by changes in 3.72.

3.72: More updates to logic that associates payments to invoices. Unapplied Payments are now reported in addition to applied payments that are linked to invoices that use selected donation accounts.

3.71: Improve logic that finds invoice/pledge to payment associations, especially in the cases of prepayments and multiple payment from a donor with identical amounts. Improve code that launches the documentation from the Ribbon.

3.69: Improve error checking when processing QuickBooks reports. Now check for all required columns, allowing for non-profit SKU and QuickBooks Canada. Update instructions for creating reports for clarity. Improve logic for the [Salutation] auto-replace field and update the documentation to match. When importing QuickBooks reports, always create a new workbook even if the current workbook is a statement workbook. Format dates in the details table, footer, and message fields using the specified statement date format. Improve help text on the notice displayed when no matching donors are found.

3.68: Add new feature to merge donation details across donations based on the columns selected to display on the detailed donation table. Fix warning saying the folder selected to save statements for emailing was not a folder. Improvements to code when subtotaling donation details on payment number, payment method, and account.

3.67: Add support for QB Online Canada, which has similar data but different report titles for address fields.

3.66: Add <usefirst> feature to the custom text fields used on statements, which selects the first of multiple auto-replace key words that has a value and discards the rest. Rewrite the documentation for clarity and to cover newer features.

3.65: Address case where welcome window appears on every launch on some computers. Improve logo placement when center or right aligned. Fix an issue where, if emailing statements, the wrong email text was sometime sent (though the right donor statement was attached.)

3.64: Better messaging around product key entry and deletion.

3.63: Add option to filter based on whether or not the donor has Invoices/Pledges in the data from QuickBooks.

3.62: Make sure ZIP codes with leading zeros are formatted properly.

3.61: Changes to About & Purchase dialog and key validation.

3.59: Change to ensure if the company name is the same as either the FML name or the transaction name, it will not be added to the statement address. Hide the utility comments added to the statements for the custom printing features.

3.58: Handle duplicate fields for Payment Method when found on both transaction and donor list reports.  Add progress messages to the Excel status bar as files are being imported and processed. Double check and save file names selected for the QB Online reports. When processing transaction details, only include transactions that have a customer/donor name, since they are the only ones that can be used on donor statements. Performances improvements when importing large data from QB Online.

3.56: Update code that auto-adds table titles on each new page when tables split across pages to prevent an extra nearly-blank page from being created.

3.55: Update code that finds payment/invoice relationships.  Include Credit Memos if they’re included on the transaction detail report.

3.54: Add company name to address when the first line of the address is the donor first last name.

3.53: Changes to eliminate a potential Excel message at shutdown asking to save the the app file.

3.52: Add enhanced formatting for tables and option to repeat table titles on each new statement page, where a donor’s statement uses more than one page.

3.51: Now use up to three Transaction Detail reports as your data source for statements to handle larger company files where QB Online can’t included all donation data for the donation period on one report.

3.49: Set and correctly display good through date in About dialog for certain upgrade paths.

3.45: Refine table formatting when using larger fonts.  Handle multi-line donor street addresses.

3.44: Add option to include page numbers when emailing statements & when printing one statement per worksheet. Minor updates to the About & Purchase dialog.

3.42: Clean up report selection dialog messaging, tab order, and some logic.  Display full file name in tool-tip for each field.

3.41: For the mail merge feature, add second street value back to address field, add a column for it, and remove carriage returns from fields for the merge tables for better formatting.

3.39: Add conditional text feature to text message fields which was previously added to the Desktop version of this app.

3.38: Clarify the use of the [Total Open Balance] field used in conjunction with the optional Customer Balance report.

3.37: Now properly find account types when account numbers are enabled.  Now find payment numbers for payments against invoices and pledges.  Now optionally include Journals on statements.

3.36: Fix issue with footer height.  Make Qty and Rate fields optional. Improve missing column warning message to state exactly which columns are missing from a QBO report.

3.34: Big change to support donor/customer balances. Now you can include the keyword [Customer Account Balance] in statement text to remind donors of their outstanding balance.

3.33: Changes to About & Purchase dialog to handle more than one product key. Fix for Excel 2016 to resolve issue where app would not load properly.

3.31: Fixed several issues: a) Footer margin was sometimes set to less than 0″ and so would not print. b) Accounts were not recognized when account numbering enabled. c) Account types not listed properly. d) Transaction types were not recognized in some cases.

3.12: Fixed logic error to that caused no data to appear when columns in source data report were in an unexpected order.