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PositivePay file Creator – QB Online


Create PositivePay/Secure Check files containing lists of checks approved to pay, ready for submission to your bank. Many banks are supported directly and you can create custom files to match other banks’ specs.

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Create Positive Pay files from QuickBooks Online to submit to your bank.

Use this add-in to create Positive Pay files listing checks approved to pay.

This QuickBooks add-in integrates with QuickBooks using a special report.  When using it, you’ll enter the bank account numbers and other information requested by your bank and then create your Positive Pay file without any additional data entry.

What are Positive Pay files?

Positive Pay files contain a list of checks, commonly including check numbers, amounts, payees, and check dates. You send the file to your bank, usually using their website. Once received, the bank will only honor checks in your Positive Pay file. This process prevents fraud by insuring that your bank pays only pays checks you have issued and for the correct amount.  Many banks support Positive Pay files for business accounts and they typically require different file formats.

Supported banks

Currently the Positive Pay file Creator supports the following banks and two custom file types:

  • Custom File formats  – Define & save custom CSV (comma separated) and TXT (fixed width) files
  • Allegiance Bank – TX
  • American Bank – MD
  • American National Bank – Omaha
  • Anchor Bank of Minnesota – CSV
  • Bank of America – Cash Pro CSV, Cash Pro Online CSV, DRS Platform, and SMS Platform formats
  • Bank of America – Cash Pro CSV IMPACS
  • Bank of the West
  • Bank United – CSV
  • Bennington State Bank – New Jul ’19!
  • MO Harris Bank
  • BMO Canada – DCH
  • Branch Banking & Trust Company – CSV and Fixed formats
  • Capital One Bank – with & without payee names trailer record
  • Chase –  CSV
  • Chase – ARP Standard
  • CIBC Bank USA – MICASH – New Jul ’19!
  • CIBC – Fixed Width
  • Citibank – CitiDirect SDR, CitiDirect NA, and Standard formats
  • Citibank – Standard Positive Pay – CSV – New Jul ’19!
  • City National Bank – CSV with Payee 50
  • City National Bank – Fixed Input and Fixed Input with Payee 50 formats
  • CNL Bank
  • CoBANK – Standard and MICASH
  • Colorado Business Bank
  • Comerica Bank
  • Compass Bank – CSV
  • Coastal Bank and Trust (Synovus Bank) – MICASH
  • Citizens Bank – MI/OH/WI
  • Eastern Bank
  • Fifth Third Bank – Standard and CSV formats
  • First American Bank – Illinois
  • First Bank of Highland Park – New Oct ’19!
  • First Citizens Bank – Fixed Field
  • First Republic Bank – CSV – New Jul ’19!
  • First Trust Bank – CSV
  • Frost Bank
  • Founders Bank & Trust – MI
  • Great Southern Bank – MO
  • Hampshire First Bank
  • Harris Nesbitt – Issued & Voided Checks
  • Heritage Bank Northwest – CSV
  • HSBC
  • Huntington Bank – CSV
  • Jonah Bank of Wyoming
  • JP Morgan  – PWS Delimited/CSV
  • KeyBank
  • M&T Bank – CSV
  • MB Financial
  • MB Financial – Web Express – CSV
  • Mercantil Bank
  • NexBank – TX
  • Pinacle Bank – CSV – New Jul ’19!
  • Pinacle Bank (PNC) – CSV
  • PNC Bank of Illinois
  • PNC Bank – Fixed Length
  • Provident Bank
  • RBS Citizens Bank
  • Regions Bank
  • Royal Bank of Canada
  • Scotiabank – The Bank of Nova Scotia
  • Signature Bank
  • Signature Bank – Payee CSV – New Jul ’19!
  • Suncrest Bank – New Jul ’19!
  • SunTrust Bank
  • TD Bank US and Canada
  • Tompkins Trust Company
  • Union Bank – No Payee Data, With Payee Data, Tab file, and CSV file formats
  • United Bank – CT & MA – CSV
  • US Bank
  • Venture Bank
  • Wachovia Bank
  • Wells Fargo – ASCII, ARP – Standard, and ARP – CSV formats
  • Whitney Bank/Hancock Bank
  • Woodforest Bank – CSV
  • Zions Bank – CSV

Custom Files

You can define custom CSV and TXT file formats if your bank is not on the list.  This will work for simpler bank requirements.

Many banks that require more detail than is supported using the custom format feature. If your bank isn’t listed, please send us a request to add your bank!  We are currently adding banks on request! If your bank is not listed, please send a support request and we will probably be able to add your bank to the bank list using your bank’s file specification document.

Free Trial

Download this addin for a free trial, which allows you to try before you buy.  You can use the trial to test the addin in your environment for a limited time.  When you purchase then use your product key to unlock the trial to the full version.


Release Notes

2.20: Add First Bank of Highland Park.

2.19: Set and correctly display good through date in the About dialog for certain upgrade paths.

2.18b: Installer update to attempt to solve missing ocx control issue.

2.18: Add CIBC Bank USA – MICASH, Bennington State Bank, CIBC Bank USA – MICASH, Citibank – Standard Positive Pay – CSV, First Republic Bank – CSV, Pinacle Bank – CSV, Signature Bank – Payee CSV,  and Suncrest Bank.

2.17: Add Zions Bank.

2.16: Changes to properly include “Payroll Check” type transactions.

2.15: Add 7 new bank file formats.

2.14: Change to save the Skip checks included in prior exports and Bank Code settings with other settings each time you create a positive pay file.

2.13: Add BMO Canada – DCH bank file format.

2.12: Change About & Purchase dialog to handle more than one product key.

2.11: Fix issue where no message appears in a specific case when entering an invalid product key after purchase.