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Summarize Payroll Data In Excel – Fixed!


Replace the broken QuickBooks Summarize Payroll Data in Excel template with a repaired version.

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Fixed versions of the Summarize Payroll Data In Excel workbook template


The QuickBooks Summarize Payroll Data in Excel feature’s template workbook shipped with QuickBooks is corrupted.

When opening it with modern versions of Excel, an error is generated indicating corruption in two of the Pivot Reports included in the file. As a result, after updating the reports with your payroll data, the State Wage Listing and Quarterly Employee Summary reports actually do not update and instead continue to show sample data.

As of Jan 2023, customers have waited more than four years for Intuit to fix this issue.

So, we fixed it by repairing the State Wage Listing and Quarterly Employee Summary reports within the template and have posted the fixed version here for download. The formatting of the reports is a little different than the originals, but they appear to display the same results.

New! Because QuickBooks 2022 – 2024 are 64-bit, the connection to QuickBooks had to be updated. As a result, there are now two versions of the repaired template file, seen below:


These fixed templates are free to download and use. There is no need to purchase or register.

However, please consider sending a small $10 thank-you. This will help motivate us to keep the templates up to date and to improve them for modern versions of Excel.

32-bit version – for QuickBooks version-years up to 2021 and Enterprise 21.0

QB_Payroll_Link_32-bit 1.0

64-bit version – for QuickBooks 2022 – 2024 and Enterprise 22.0 – 24.0  & newer QuickBooks versions.

QB_Payroll_Link_64-bit 1.2


  1. Download and open the ZIP file to access the updated template.
  2. Read the included Readme file for simple instructions to use the fixed template instead of Intuit’s broken template .