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Import transactions like Invoices & Checks into QuickBooks.
Create Journal Entries and import them into QuickBooks.
Import employee Expense reports into QuickBooks.
Batch Email to client lists (or any list of email addresses) directly from Excel. Use Excel worksheets as the basis for mail-merge values.Send both plain text and HTML email, even with images. An individual email is created for each recipient.
Depreciate assets and automatically enter depreciation expenses into QuickBooks.
Batch Invoice many QuickBooks customers.Create annual billings in Excel and send to QuickBooks.Works better than QuickBooks memorized transactions, as current prices and custom item descriptions can be used.
Calculate loan payments and interest expense.  Import payments into QuickBooks without double data-entry.
Merge data from two or more QuickBooks data files.
Copy data from one QuickBooks file to another file.
Remote data entry for QuickBooks. Enter data in a copy of a QuickBooks file, and then merge the data back at the office.
Import QIF files into QuickBooks
Import QIF files into Quicken or MS Money.
Import investments into Quicken or MS Money.
Import CSV files or Excel spreadsheets with banking transactions or investments into Quicken & MS Money.
Import lists from Excel into QuickBooks. Lists include Customers, Vendors, Chart of Accounts, sales and inventory items.Also imports opening balances.
Convert my lists & opening balances from another accounting application or from an old QuickBooks company file.
Import QIF files from my bank or credit card company into QuickBooks.
Convert part or all of a Quicken file to a new or existing QuickBooks company file.
Enter my timesheets in Excel & then import them into QuickBooks.
Manage timesheets for many employees, including emailing blank timesheets to employees & then later importingthe results into QuickBooks.
Import my PayPal transactions into QuickBooks as invoices, sales receipts, deposits, and other transaction types.
Import my eBay account into QuickBooks as invoices or sales receipts.
Convert Excel worksheets to QIFfor import into Quicken.All Quicken versions supported for all account typesincluding Bank and Credit Card accounts.